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We offer confidential,
transparent, and personalized
coaching and mediation
services for individuals and
teams within the academic
community and beyond.

Whether you are a PhD candidate or professor, administrator or institute director, our experienced coaches and trainers can guide you through the diverse challenges of a career in research.

You may be finishing your dissertation, or need help landing a grant application. As a leader, you might be guiding your department through new endeavours, or adapting to management in the unique environment of German research institutions. You may be seeking advice on leaving academia for new projects.

Work with us to develop a personal roadmap for the next steps in your career.

Our coaches and trainers design a personalized program for every client. We also work with institutions to provide workshop programming for staff and students. Our specialist mediation services help transform workplace conflicts into opportunities for improved communication and interpersonal growth.

Explore the range of services we offer on this site, and contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs. We look forward to meeting you at our offices in Berlin Friedrichshain or at your institution.

Our philosophy

Our understanding of the contexts, drivers, and potential of evolution underpins our coaching practice. Our systemic approach considers interdependencies between the client’s situation and their professional and personal contexts.

Our clients learn to recognize internalized habits and limitations and identify patterns of thinking that are no longer helpful. Once these unconscious attitudes are brought to light, clients are free to choose alternatives and put new, more positive patterns into practice. Allow yourself to be surprised by the possibilities available in the here and now.

We meet you where you are, and accompany you on your journey forward. Reconnecting with your essential values frees you to navigate a complex world of opportunities with renewed direction and purpose. Experience the enthusiasm that emerges when you act in accordance with your core principles. Identify resources available right now to overcome the obstacles that lie in the way of your goals.


6. November 2020

New Book: Forschen Lehren Führen – Das ABC für die Hochschulkarriere

Dr. Neela Enke , in cooperation with Dr. Anette Hammerschmidt, is editor of the book Forschen Lehren Führen – Das ABC für die Hochschulkarriere. The book offers a variety of relevant and practical suggestions for the daily challenges of a academic career. The authors are experienced coaches and researchers and pass on their concentrated knowledge to the readers. What key competencies do I need to develop in the field of science and teaching? How do I prepare for the professorship appointment process? How do I lead a team or institute? How do I deal with stress? The book is a […]


6. November 2020

Publication: Coaching and Digitalization

In cooperation with Monika Klinkhammer and Harry Enke, Scienza’s Neela Enke has written a critical text entitled “Coaching für Wissenschaftler*innen im Kontext der Digitalisierung – Coaching als Anker in entpersonalisierten Kommunikations- und Konfliktprozessen”. The text was written on the basis of the workshop “Conflict Potential of Digitalization – Coaching with Scientists” in the context of the 5th International Coaching Congress “Coaching meets Research” on the main topic “Organization, Digitalization and Design” in June 2018. The entire conference proceedings including the contribution on coaching of scientists can be downloaded here as an open access publication


2. April 2020

Special offers in the coronavirus crisis: new workshops and coaching offers

Coronaviris crisis: In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are offering new workshops and coaching groups online to support your doctoral students, leaders, and employees navigating this difficult time. We are also offering our usual programme via online formats. We’d love to hear from you! Please find our list of special offers here as a pdf: Coronavirus Crisis Offers


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