About us

Scienza Science Coaching was founded in 2012 by Dr. Neela Enke and Dr. Jonas Zimmermann. Our goal is to support people working in research in all aspects of their professional development.

Our systemic approach to consulting not only considers an individual’s unique experiences, possibilities, and limitations, but also places them within the context of their surrounding human and institutional systems.

Our clients include universities, art and music colleges, and research institutes in Germany and beyond. We also accept private clients working in the field.

Meanwhile, our team has grown. Our consultants all have expertise in research institutes, universities, and/or music colleges, and bring a wide range of qualifications and experiences. Each consultant has their own specialisation, which fits their professional interests and personality. We are united by our appreciation of our clients and our practice- and resource-oriented consulting approach.

The team is supported in the office by Dr. Barthold Pelzer, who is also available for initial consultations.