Coaching supports your goals by helping you identify what really matters. Concentrating on the most important things helps you stay focused, and frees up time and energy.

Modern life—especially for researchers—is demanding. Faced with constant uncertainty and change, it can feel like we’re playing an endless game of catch-up. Our efforts to multi-task increase our stress levels and reduce productivity. No matter how committed we are, it can be impossible to do justice to every task, and we end up with inadequate time across the board, in every aspect of our professional and private lives.

Academia has traditionally left little room for personal development. Training in key skills—such as independent decision-making, conflict management, and professional communication—is neglected,, leaving researchers ill equipped to confidently deal with challenges as their careers progress.

Constant demands and ever-changing requirements can lead to frustration and burnout, even at the doctoral stage. Increasingly precarious contracts only add to the pressure.

Colleges, universities, and research institutions are large and complex organizations. Good communication and smooth day-to-day running depend on the effective management and integration of requirements across various departments. New challenges include the development of research strategies and increasing competition for third-party funding and other financing.

Each team and working group may be considered an undertaking within the organization, to which similar strategic and financial considerations apply. The strategic orientation of working groups within the institution and the international research landscape may be effectively and sustainably shaped through professional team development.