Team Development

Team development promotes job satisfaction and productivity by helping different personalities cooperate constructively.

Team Coaching

Research today often involves complex tasks and teams that are both international and in flux. Precarious contracts and the pressure to publish create a highly competitive environment. When colleagues work against each other rather than together, the whole team suffers unnecessary stress.

We analyse your existing communication channels and develop sustainable strategies for improvement alongside you and your team. We explore the strengths and interests of every team member, so each individual’s personality and working style may be better understood. In light of this, we identify goals and negotiate how they can be achieved.

Our creative approach emphasises collaboration and the appreciation of different personalities, freeing colleagues to concentrate on the work at hand.

We can help your team isolate causes of conflict and deal with them effectively. Existing conflicts are explored and new solutions are developed together. Establish an environment that facilitates personal development, encourages creativity, and lets your colleagues truly enjoy working on joint projects.

We also support you as your team plans for the long-term. Assess current trends in the field and the interests and qualifications of your colleagues, create a blueprint for funds acquisition for future projects, and position yourself strategically going forward.

Scienza facilitates your project every step of the way, from concept to implementation. Depending on the size of the organisation or team and the complexity of the project, we may cooperate with suitable partners.