Conflict Management

Conflict is often seen as negative. It can certainly be an unpleasant experience, especially in the workplace. However, conflict is a natural part of professional life. We can’t avoid differences of opinion, and as researchers, confronting new ideas and perspectives is an essential part of the job. On the other hand, if an organization strives for consensus colleagues may keep their disagreements to themselves. Grievances can grow and linger.

Conflict is a fundamental part of life, and we can learn to engage with it more productively.

At Scienza we view conflict as a sign that things have stopped running smoothly. When constructively managed it can encourage growth in individuals and organizations alike. After all, conflict helps us develop. Without it life would be very boring!

So how can people with diverse needs, beliefs, and values work together productively? How do we remain open to difference, and learn to value opposing perspectives without shutting them down?

Our conflict management coaching service helps you and your colleagues manage conflict constructively. Learn to better understand your personal conflict “style” and how it interacts with others. Work with us to uncover genuine differences and develop strategies to resolve them.

Mediation is a structured process for researchers and administrators offering professional guidance to promote conflict resolution.