Conflict Management Coaching

We offer a unique counselling format for people directly affected by conflict, and/or those who wish to better understand their own approach to interpersonal disputes.

Some people always seem to push our buttons. Resolving the issue can feel impossible. Should you talk to them about it? Would it be better to just let it go?

While some people chronically swallow anger and irritation—perhaps due to fear of addressing the issue or making it worse—others charge head first into arguments with little care for the consequences. How can such different approaches be reconciled?

In one-on-one coaching sessions we investigate how you deal with interpersonal conflict, identify patterns, and help you understand how your personal “style” interacts with others.

Ongoing conflicts are explored systematically. After discussing the issue, clients work with their coach to find ways to move forward. Clients then put their strategies into practice. In follow-up sessions we assess how successful each approach has been and whether we should adapt it, or try something else. These steps are repeated until we reach a satisfactory conclusion.