Dr. Mariam Fishere

Roles: Coach and Trainer
Background: Psychology

Consulting fields: Time and Project Management, Self Care and Conflict Management throughout the PhD

Languages: English and Arabic

Approach to coaching and training

As a trained counselor, I have worked with many people across their different life paths. My main interest has always been to accompany them during certain parts of their journeys in order for them to overcome their challenges, find resources to cope with certain situations, and to build their resilience. With my accumulated experiences in multiple academic settings in different countries, I can support my clients to navigate challenging situations throughout their research career. I have collected a variety of ways to help empower my clients, especially international researchers but not limited to those. I truly value working closely with people to support them in realizing their potential.


I am a counselor, trainer, and researcher. I have received my PhD in psychology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After moving to Germany in 2017, I worked as a trainer, researcher and coordinator at Zentrum Überleben Berlin for a few years. For the last ten years, I have been working on research projects engaging with topics like trauma, resilience, and psychotherapy combined with my experience as a counselor, mental health consultant and coordinator in different settings and across various cultures. I received both my Bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as my Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, in addition to an exchange semester at Bard College in the US. I have experience as a freelance counselor and consultant both for people and a variety of organizations that are involved in issues related to mental health and well-being.