Dr. Síofra McSherry

Role: Trainer
Background: Literature in English

Consulting fields: Writing, Work-Life Balance, Self Care, Career Development, German Academic Culture, Gender and Diversity
Languages: English

Approach to coaching and training

My approach to training and coaching has been shaped by my experiences in counselling and peer mentoring. These have helped me identify my own needs and values, and as a result, I have been better able to make satisfying personal and professional choices. This has led to greater freedom and meaning in everyday life. In my workshops I aim to support others in this process, helping participants get to know themselves better, develop their own voice and confidence though their interactions with the group, and begin to make choices more in line with their fundamental values.


Síofra McSherry has a PhD in American Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin. She graduated from Oxford University with a first in English and completed her MA at University College London. She has worked as a researcher and lecturer in Germany and the UK, with extensive experience delivering lectures, talks, seminars, and workshops to international audiences. She has participated in leadership training programmes through the Fulbright Commission UK and the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. Her international experience includes organizing conferences and events, managing research projects, and writing grant applications. Dr. McSherry completed a counselling qualification at the University of London and has a broad range of experience in peer-to-peer counselling and coaching. Her writing has appeared in international venues including The Salt Book of Younger Poets and Poetry Wales.

Workshop Themes

  • Writing: Planning and Motivation
  • Me and My Supervisor
  • Navigating the German Academy for International Researchers
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Gender and Diversity