Workshops and Courses

We offer a comprehensive programme of workshops for professional and personal development at every institutional level. We work with academics through each stage of their careers—from executives, faculty, administrative and technical staff, to doctoral candidates—via training formats tailored to your needs.

Would you like to provide workshops for your graduate programme, or offer your employees opportunities for professional development? Could your leadership training programme use some fresh ideas?

Our approach is adapted to the research environment, and is designed to address the specific needs of your staff and students.

Our workshops involve input from participants as well as trainers.
Group exercises and self-assessment are among the tools we use to help people gain insight and develop practical strategies they can apply to bring about positive change in their professional lives and careers. By helping individuals uncover their core values and motivations, we allow them to assess their situation with clarity and objectivity. We encourage participants to reflect on the agency they already have, and find room to manoeuvre within the system.

Group exchange is a key element in our workshops. Engaging issues in collaboration with others can provide fresh perspectives on individual situations. Likewise, discussing themes and issues with people from different backgrounds opens new ways of thinking about old problems. New solutions often emerge independently. Support from the group motivates participants to put their new strategies into practice in their day-to-day lives, and move towards their goals with renewed determination.

We will be happy to tailor our programme to your needs in consultation with your team. Our workshops are conducted in German or English.